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We understand the difficulties many of us experience in getting around and that is why we specialize in wheelchair transport taxi service and supporting people with special needs and disabilities. We also provide general taxi cab service.


We offer door to door transport for the users of all types of wheelchairs, electric chairs & mobility scooters, and for those with limited mobility. Your driver will collect you from your home, make sure you are secure and comfortable in the vehicle, bring you to your destination, and back home again if that is required.

When you think taxi near me – think Cab Plus.
Whether it’s a relocation, a holiday transport, doctors, dentist or a hospital appointments, care home contracts, shopping trips, wedding or a funeral, theatre visits, places of interest or simply to visit friends and family Cab Plus is at your service.

If you need to write to us regarding anything at all,  please feel free to Contact Us via the online form.

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wheelchair transport service

We offer door to door wheelchair taxi transport for the users of all types of wheelchairs, electric chairs & mobility scooters, and for those with limited mobility. 


All our vehicles are fully accessible to people with disabilities, special needs and elderly with full ramps for easy wheelchair access. We provide clean and well maintained vehicles. 


With more than 10 years of experience we provide professional, safe and caring service. We are extremely reliable and will take care of you throughout your whole journey.


We are happy to quote for both local Hull journeys as well as long distance. 

Have you met George yet? In case you haven’t he’s the heart and soul of our company. We admit he is cheeky (but will definitely make you smile), caring and kind. Never travels without his beloved music collection and warm cup of coffee!  

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  • Residential Transport
  • Mini Bus Services
  • Airport Transfers
  • Wedding Transport
  • Disabled Taxi Services
  • Care Home Contracts
  • Hospital Transfers
  • School Transfers
  • Contract Work
  • Shopping Trips
  • General Day To Day Journeys

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